Vision Board: 2021

Make it a habit to determine every event in your life in advance, through your thoughts. Set the Universal forces ahead of you in everything you do and everywhere you go by thinking the way you want it to go in advance. Then you are creating your life intentionally. -Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

Wise men have a lot to say about visualization and its correlation to achieving one’s goals and aspirations; some swear by making lists, while others believe in creating a vision board. According to, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

When I was vying for a supervisory role in the company I was then working for, I made an image of a career woman as my phone wallpaper; a month later, I got promoted. A few months ago, I had the iconic London tourist spots as my phone wallpaper to symbolize my intent of visiting this beautiful city. After a few months, my visa got approved and I had an amazing three-month holiday in the UK. My point? the law of attraction works.

Now that I’m nearly in my mid-twenties, I know that whatever choices I make in the next few years of my life will shape my future. This scares me a little but it excites me at the same time, knowing that I am now the captain of my own ship. Thus, I decided to finally create my very own vision board.

I’ve been practicing the law of attraction for quite some time now, but I never really succumbed into doing this activity. This morning, I figured that there is no better time to start than now. I prayed, immersed myself in deep thought, and finally decided on my goals and aspirations for the next five years of my life (I will be 29 by then – eeek!).

Since I am not an artsy gal, I did a virtual vision board. Admittedly, a very millennial thing to do. Hahaha!

1st row, left to right: reputation, creativity, travel // 2nd row, l-r: family & friends, mind & soul, health // 3rd row, l-r: career & life path, wealth, love

These are snippets of information on what each image stands for:

Reputation – In the next five years, I will inspire others to become better versions of themselves in one way or another. Note-to-self: always, always lead by example.

Creativity – In the next five years, I will work on  the things I am passionate about. I will have a passion project: writing and/or blogging , and I shall never run out of books to read!

Travel – At least once a year in the next five years, I will travel to some place I have never been to with someone special. I will make new friends, eat good food, and learn about different cultures. I will see the world. 

Family and Friends – In the next five years,  no matter how busy I get, I shall take time to reconnect with family and plan a get-together at least once a year; sames goes with good friends – both old and new. 

Mind and Soul – In the next five years, I will take time to work on myself. I will make a difference by supporting a good cause. I will embrace my uniqueness and be comfortable in my own skin.

Health – In the next five years, I will be in complete control of my physical health. I will exercise at least 3x week, meditate, and eat well. I will prepare my body for the changes that will come naturally.

Career & Life Path – In the next five years, I will become really good at marketing and business development, and work my way up the corporate ladder. Lead by example and inspire others to work on their professional growth.

Wealth In the next five years, I will be financially secure. I shall live within my means, save up, invest, and start building my own business.

LoveIn the next five years, I will have a happy and healthy relationship with the man I love and once we are ready, start our own family.

By God’s grace, I am claiming to fulfill all of my goals and aspirations for the next five years!

Friends, at some point in our lives, we tend to get lost or become unsure about a lot of things. This is why aside from having strong faith in God, having a solid vision is extremely important. Knowing what you want out of life or where you’re headed gives you confidence that you are on the right track. Now, who wouldn’t want that?


If you’re curious, I used to create my virtual vision board.

Do you have a vision board? What are your goals and aspirations for the next five years? Comment below and feel free to share your think piece.




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