Saying Yes to the Dress

Around this time a year ago, I just had my kodak moment at the infamous Notting Hill Bookshop and my sister and I were casually walking the streets of Portobello Market, when we chanced upon a bridal boutique in the neighborhood. She was browsing through racks and racks of wedding dresses, so I nudged her and said, “why don’t we do a fitting for your wedding dress today”?

That particular shop was fully booked that day, but we searched online and found Wedding Atelier, who, luckily, had a free spot to accommodate us! We rushed to the nearest tube station and in less than an hour, we arrived at our destination. Little did we know that we would just be making one trip to find the perfect wedding dress for her. One. I wish all brides had it that easy.

My only exposure in this blog post. Hahaha! Here is the infamous blue bookshop, folks.
Google is everyone’s best friend! 
image from Google

The lady at Wedding Atelier did not allow us to take photos inside, so I’ll do my best to paint you guys a picture instead. Inside the shop were all sorts of wedding dresses imaginable – puffy ones, short ones, long ones, ones that your mother wouldn’t approve of, ones that could break the bank – you get the picture. My sister – being her, couldn’t stand going through the dresses one by one, so she pulled out her phone and showed the lady a photo of her peg. It was a beautiful, floor-length Rosa Clará Saboya dress in  Ivory.

The lady – I coined her fairy godmother in my head by this time, simply said, “wait”, and she disappeared behind the curtains. After a minute or two, she comes out, carrying the exact, same dress we showed her. “It’s on sample sale”, she beamed.

That day, my sister tried on her first wedding dress at the first bridal boutique we visited, and we knew, we just knew, we wouldn’t be making any more trips to any more bridal boutiques. Needles to say, she said yes to the dress.

Last May 6th, my sister walked down the aisle looking all radiant and glowing in her beautiful Rosa Clará gown. She looked every inch the perfect bride!

Wedding Slected (64)
photo by Dave Sabio
Wedding Slected (88)
photo by Dave Sabio
Wedding Slected (73)
photo by Dave Sabio

This  Rosa Clará Saboya dress holds a special place in my sister’s heart, but it would mean the world to her if another bride could experience its charm and beauty. Thus, we are happy to share that it is now available for rent through Bottega Bellance.

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to spend a fortune (like my sister did :P) to wear it on your special day! Bottega Bellance lets their clients rent designer gowns for 24-72 hours – if I’m not mistaken, starting at 30, 000 PHP. It’s not the cheapest rate in the market, but if you’re talking about designer gownsthen it’s worth every penny – and it’s a steal!

Gone are the days of brides holding on to dresses that have a sentimental value; today, they are becoming more and more selfless, and I’m so glad that they have an avenue – like Bottega Bellance, to allow other brides to experience what it’s like to wear a designer gown on their wedding day. As they say, pass it on.

Also, I don’t think it really matters that much – whether you buy your wedding dress off the rack, or rent it, as long as you’re marrying the love of your life, then everything should be perfect as it is.

Wedding Slected (87)
photo by Dave Sabio
Wedding Slected (163)
photo by Dave Sabio
Wedding Slected (347)
photo by Dave Sabio

Friends, if you know people, or know people who know people (am I witty or what?! lol) that would be interested to rent my sister’s Rosa Clará Saboya wedding dress, please have them contact Bottega Bellance at 02 672 0005 / +63.925.598.7321 or email them at

Happy shopping!





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